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  • December 11 2018 First mentions of JM in Dutch newspapers. De Tijd album review of The Best Of Island, 11 Oct 1969.
  • December 10 2018 October 1966 gig pulled from John Neil Munro's biography.
  • November 28 2018 Poster Isle of Skye Music Festival 1985 added. Took some research.
  • November 27 2018 A couple of extra vinyl releases of Solid Air.
  • November 26 2018 Concert details Philadelphia Spectrum show of 02 Feb 1973. Aidan Liddy found it.
  • November 22 2018 Philentropy was dubbed and mixed at Ca Va sound studios. Dixit Brian Young.
  • November 20 2018 Ticket stub and concert details London Rainbow Theatre show of 21 Nov 1977.
  • November 18 2018 Very old new gigdate: 30 Jun 1967, Glasgow Folk Centre.
  • November 15 2018 Memory added to 01 Nov 1980 Loughborough show.
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  • November 10 2018 Alan Thomson's name unified in giglist.
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  • November 05 2018 More concert details Isle of Sky Music Festival show of 26 May 2007.
  • November 01 2018 New gigdate: 15 June 1985, Isle of Skye Music Festival. Puzzle started by Tim Hyder.
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  • October 24 2018 Heavy database maintenance.
  • October 20 2018 Cooltide album footnote by Brian Young: Bonnie Raitt sang to the title track. Unrecorded.
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  • October 11 2018 Veronica Roberts dug up unknown Guardian review of Shepherd's Bush Empire, 13 Jun 2000.
  • October 10 2018 Concert details and correct date for Heineken Big Top show of 04 Jul 1991.
  • October 08 2018 Mark Ellen piece Worst Luck proves even worse. Third wife sentence corrected by Jim McKnight.
  • October 07 2018 Specific date (at last!) and concert details for 24 Apr 1970 concert at High Wycombe. Roy Apps provided.
  • October 06 2018 Libraries 2.5.
  • October 01 2018 Green vinyl release on Solid Air page.
  • September 26 2018 Correct picture now of Woolwich Green Farm, where One World was recorded. Good searching Ben Block.
  • September 20 2018 Concert details Lancaster Uni, 12 Nov 1971.
  • September 11 2018 Happy 70th Birthday John.
  • September 10 2018 Libraries 2.4.
  • September 05 2018 Alternative Heaven And Earth artwork added to poster section.
  • August 21 2018 Media module 2.20.
  • August 13 2018 Ticket stub and concert details Lakeland Civic Center Arena, 20 Mar 1978.
  • August 11 2018 Extra ticket stub and concert details Springfield Civic Center, 05 Apr 1978.
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  • July 20 2018 Ticket stub and concert details Hanley Victoria Hall, 27 Feb 1986.
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  • July 15 2018 Concert details Reading Hexagon show 04 Oct 1987.
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  • July 01 2018 Extra ticket Glasgow City Hall, 30 Sep 1975.
  • June 25 2018 Ticket stub and concert details for Sandbach Arts Festival show of 4th May 1996.
  • June 20 2018 Extra (third) ticket Edinburgh Odeon Theatre, 22 Nov 1979.
  • June 19 2018 File Entity 2.22.
  • June 15 2018 Live At Leeds autograph text for number 164. HA!
  • June 13 2018 Cosmopolitan magazine ran review of Well Kept Secret. Not many of those around.. Richard Hannan.
  • June 11 2018 Jim McKnight sets the record straight in a Mark Ellen story called Worst Luck.
  • June 05 2018 Flyer from Aylesbury Friars show of 23 Apr 1983 added to Print section. Richard Hannan.
  • June 01 2018 New gigdate: 01 Dec 1975, Brighton Dome. John Hillarby.
  • May 28 2018 Flyer from Bradford Uni show of 19 Apr 1983 added to Print section. Richard Hannan.
  • May 23 2018 Menu entry for TV shows that did not show up.
  • May 21 2018 Interesting book chapter about Syd Kitchen covering Fine Lines for tribute album. Donvé Lee.
  • May 16 2018 Concert details and ticket stub Birmingham Odeon, 21 May 1981.
  • May 15 2018 Richard Hannan produced 1982 flyer from Leeds show during Well Kept Secret Tour.
  • May 14 2018 Table layout corrected Heaven On Earth record page.
  • May 13 2018 Live At Leeds autograph text for number 139.
  • May 12 2018 Ticket stub and concert details Hannover Capitol, 10 Apr 1993.
  • May 11 2018 Concert details 09 Apr 1983 Paris show and poster revisited.
  • May 10 2018 Nice old One World review from NME, 19 Nov 1977. Roger Thornhill.
  • May 09 2018 Flyer for same concert in Print section: Yeovil Octagon, 12 May 1997.
  • May 08 2018 Ticket stub and concert details Yeovil Octagon, 12 May 1997.
  • May 07 2018 Poster added from Mansfield Leisure Centre show, 22 Apr 1983. Richard Hannan.
  • May 06 2018 John Martyn story from Oor from March 1978 revisited. Including pictures.
  • May 05 2018 File Entity 2.21.
  • May 04 2018 Announcement of fifth Summer Gathering.
  • May 03 2018 Concert details 22 Apr 1983 Mansfield show. Richard Hannan.
  • May 02 2018 Ticket for 09 Oct 1982 show Leeds University. Richard Hannan.
  • May 01 2018 1978 Anton Corbijn picture in gallery.
  • April 30 2018 Zip Code Apprentice review got picture.
  • April 29 2018 Church With One Bell review from Metro got picture.
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  • April 27 2018 Concert details Leeds University, 09 Oct 1982. Richard Hannan.
  • April 26 2018 South African catalogue number for The Tumbler.
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  • April 24 2018 Concert details and ticket Echo Arena, Liverpool, 14 Jul 2008. Simon Knuckey.
  • April 23 2018 Concert details and ticket Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 06 Jun 2000. Simon Knuckey.
  • April 22 2018 Better ticket Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, 29 Apr 1997. Simon Knuckey.
  • April 21 2018 Better ticket Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 01 Jun 2007. Simon Knuckey.
  • April 20 2018 Concert details and ticket Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 21 Oct 1997. Simon Knuckey.
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  • April 18 2018 Special Copy update on Live At Leeds page.
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  • April 07 2018 Concert details and ticket London Jazz Cafe, 07 Sep 1999. Simon Knuckey.
  • April 06 2018 Manchester Bridgewater Hall ticket 06 Jun 2001 replaced, Simon Knuckey.
  • April 05 2018 Glasgow Renfrew Ferry ticket 26 Jun 2000 replaced, Simon Knuckey.
  • April 04 2018 Extra ticket Reading Town Hall 21 Jun 2001, Simon Knuckey.
  • April 03 2018 Concert details and ticket Shrewsbury Music Hall, 22 Jun 2000. Simon Knuckey.
  • April 02 2018 Vicar Street ticket 07 Jun 2000 replaced, Simon Knuckey.
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  • March 25 2018 Edited transcription of John Neil Munro interview for his biography added.
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  • March 23 2018 First ever live appearance included in sixties gig list. Langside Hall, Glasgow.
  • March 22 2018 Unknown One World review from Record Mirror, 07 Jan 1978. John Neil Munro.
  • March 19 2018 Majoon typo corrected in Back To Marseilles.
  • March 16 2018 EU Cookie Compliance 1.22. Burn in hell.
  • March 10 2018 Live At Leeds signature for number 80. William Robinson.
  • March 01 2018 Review of The Church With One Bell from Uncut 01 Apr 1998. John Neil Munro.

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  • December 31 2013 Comment spam counter stops at 66.000, most of them in last three months of this year. Idiots.
  • December 30 2013 Stepen Gough provides additional info University of Surrey gig at Guildford, 16 May 1975.
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Site History 2011

  • December 30 2011 Completed sleevenotes of Johnny Boy Would Love This tribute album. All of them.
  • December 29 2011 New Canadian gigdate reported: 19 May 1983, Larry's Hideaway, Toronto. Also Ottawa Barrymore's date pinpointed to 17 May.
  • December 28 2011 Ticket stub 17 September 1987, Liverpool Empire.


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