Really Gone

Written by: 
U. Conlon, J. Conneely
12 Oct 2006

I sit and I wonder
What to do next
The love of my life made of
Wood hanging over my chest
When an old scene changes
A new one begins right away

Life it is different
But love still is strong
I can lift with my arms
But I'm dizzy and I'm stumbling along
I'm crawling, I'm crawling,
I'm crawling up the wall

Oh and I miss you
Now that you're really gone
Oh and I miss you
Now that you're really gone

Birds still are singing
It's Blue in the sky
Life is for living I see
Millions of faces go by
My mama says life is chocolate
And some you don't try

And I'll take my chances
And if it goes wrong
I cry like a baby
Then I'll sit up and I'll move on
Time is a bullet and I'm
Ride'n it rodeo style

Oh and I miss you
Now that we're out of time
And I miss you
I'm holding back tears from my eyes

Oh I am mssing you
Holding back tears from my eyes
I know that I'm missing you
Just holding back the tears

And I miss you
Every day that goes by
I'm holding the tears up
I've been down every night

Oh yes I am missing you
Oh yes I'm missing you
Yes I'm missing you

The single was recorded in Dublin and got it's first national airplay 18 October 2006 on RTE Radio One's Late Date hosted by John Creedon. The single was released 2 November and became also available for download.

First release: