Go Down Easy [1992]

Written by: 
J. Martyn
31 Dec 1992

You know, you know
Very soon, very soon, very soon
Let the rain come down
And then very soon, very soon
When the rain comes
No more, no more
No more pain, no more pain
For you and me

When the rain come
When the rain come
When the rain come
Oh go down easy

Curl around me
Like a fern in the spring
Lie down here
And let me sing the things you bring

And we can Go down easy
Go down easy

And as we lie in dry dust
Just like the evil rust
Between the drizzle and the drop1
Between the hard case and the soil
Once please

Do you like the rain coming
Do you like the rain falling down
Sometimes I love the rain falling down
Curl around it, like some bird in the spring
Talk to me, I'll sing the things you bring

Go down easy
Right now, look at the rain
A gentle message from above

1 This phrase also pops up on Cooltide from 1991 (Hole In The Rain).
Unrecognisable reworked version, originally used for 1992 ballet piece Monsoon Suite. Professionally recorded in 1992 when John was working on No Little Boy but never released before. It is loosely inspired by the eponymous track from Solid Air.

First release: