Purely Music

16 Jan 1992
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PURELY MUSIC is the unique musical series recorded live at one of Germany's most prestigious music arenas and is Europe's only on-going live musical event. It focuses on diverse performers whose music reflects a strong African influence whether the style is Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Soul, Rock & Roll or Fusion.*)

Since 1983, the series has served to showcase countless music legends. These concerts provide the LaserDisc enthusiast with a pure and in-depth look at these artitst and their distinctive musical contributions.

John Martyn's eccentric brand of folk -elliptibal songwriting, intimately blues singing and heavily jazz flavored music- has held steady appeal for both critics and cultists alike. After spending time in Jamaica, he incorporated the distinct reggae sounds which added to his eclectic repertoire. This concert celebrates his 20th anniversary as a performer.

*) sitenote: I have seldom seen this much bollocks concentrated in just two sentences.