One World... One John (DVD)

28 Feb 2012
Written by: 
Lyn and Eleanor McMullan
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Originally this film was called 'Tell Them I'm Somebody Else' and was released in 2001 on VHS, the accepted format of the time. After John's death in 2009, we felt that we would like to make a tribute to John from the amazing amount of unseen and moving footage we had filmed over the years and indeed which had been filmed from the unique perspective of close friendship.
After much deliberation, we decided to do a complete re-edit of the original film replacing half of the material with new unseen footage creating a different film altogether for release on this DVD.
We are very proud of the result and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. It is a tribute to a very special man, a tremendous artist, and most of all a great friend. Enjoy.
Lyn and Eleanor

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I first became aware of John's music in the early seventies. One World was the album of the day and I became a big fan of his music from then onwards. I collected his music and saw him in concert whenever he played Belfast which was pretty often. He was one of only a small handful of artists who came to Northern Ireland during the 'troubles'.

The first time I met John was in 1982. It was outside the Europa Hotel and I was going to see his gig that night. Little did I realise then that 17 years later we would become close friends.

We now move forward to 1999. I approached John through his then management about making a film but after some months had heard nothing about the proposed project. So when Eleanor and I were on holiday in Scotland that summer we decided to just call and see him. John was living in a church at Roberton and also had a cottage across the driveway.

It was mid afternoon when we called and John just appeared in the driveway in his dressing gown as he was coming from the cottage into the church. We spoke briefly and he invited us into the church to meet his girlfriend Teresa. A bottle of Irish Mist later, we left the church with an invitation to return the following day for lunch and a close friendship had begun. John was excited about the prospect of the film and was keen to get it under way with the knowledge that it would be made completely under his direction and with his creative input. The rest is history as they say. - Lyn