Live At Leeds De Luxe

4 Nov 2002
Written by: 
Turning Point Music

Live At Leeds was originally released in 1976 as a limited edition of 10.000 copies.

John Martyn produced, designed and marketed Live at Leeds purely by mail order from his home - he even sold the albums from his own front door.

Each of the albums were numbered and personally signed. They quickly sold out and became real collector's items.

'... it was very effective, I was the first of the record independents.' - John Martyn

The album was re-released on vinyl in 1987, but this 2002 issue differs from that release, and the original, in so far as there are now four sides of vinyl, instead of just two. The intention was to produce an audiophile version, and squeezing half an hour of music onto one side of vinyl is not conductive to this. So a decision was made to spread the recording out over four sides. Because of the length of some of the tracks, and not wishing to interfere with the running order, inevitably the sides are of wildly differing lengths.

Thanks to my friend Gary Harries for the sleeve notes and Live at Leeds expertise - Turning Point Music