John Martyn - Live At Leeds (Gary Harries)

4 Nov 2002
Written by: 
Gary Harries

Modern day.... Internet.... want it?.... click.... got it!!

Cast your mind back a little....

Looking for that rare LP ws always so exciting. Spending the whole day traipsing around London, the haunts of the rare record buyer your only hope. A bundle of notes in your back pocket, ready for the haggle.

The thrill and exhilaration when you found that 'special' LP.

What you have here in Live at Leeds is one of those very things... a 'special' LP. I felt so happy, so excited, so pleased, when I finally got my hands on a copy that the moment has stayed with me all my life. I am still passionate about this album all these years later and am glad to see it being given an honest reissue. No bonus tracks, no fancy remix, I mean, would you put a moustache on the Mona Lisa?

Thank you Mr. Marketman, I know you ripped me off when you saw how excited I was at finding it on your stall in the Portobello Road. I know you must have put the price up the longer I held it in my hands. But hey, it was (and still is) worth every bloody penny.

Gary Harries, 2002