Inside Out

1 Jul 1973
Written by: 
John Martyn

Thanks muchly...

danny (thompson). remi (kabaka).
stevie (winwood). chris (stuart).
chris (wood). kesh (satie).
bobby (keyes). diga. rhett.
and lastly brian (cooke) and john (wilde).
love..... love..... love..... love..... tra la la... triddly dee dee.
The "tra la la, triddly dee dee" bit originates from the lyric of a popular song from the fifties: Mockingbird Hill. But my guess is John was referring to the ska version by Migil 5, that was also a minor hit in 1964 (Listen to the first soundbite). This is interesting as they were the first white British group to use ska and bluebeat rhythms from Jamaica. Somehow this rings a bell...

But then again, something like this Patti Page version might also have been popular in John's childhood... Compare the second soundbite.

Scientifically speaking the female crooner pronounces more of a 'w' in 'triddly', though. So I'll stick with the first hypothesis.

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