27 Sep 2004
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... a male Billie Holiday.

Guy Barker - jazz arranger

I'm just beginning to learn why I'm playing.
I'm a talented man
and I can use that talent in music.
And music is an essential communication.
It can be used for good.

John Martyn, 1974

There's a place between words and music
and my voice lives right there.

John Martyn

The fact I'm a professional
musician is an accident.
I didn't set out to be one.
They came to me to record an album
and I thought: "Why not?".
Since then I've carried on
just because I've had no desire to stop.

John Martyn

Mostly I give my singing seven
and a half out of ten.
But about once every three years or so,
you hit nine and a half.
And when it happens,
you never really know why it happens.

John Martyn

I must confess I prefer writing love songs
to anything else. They come easily to me.
I don't know why,
it's not as if I am an abnormally loving person.
I'm an incurable romantic
and that can be uncomfortable
in these troubled and cynical times.
But I am proud of it
and I am not going to change now.

John Martyn
CD 1 CD 2
1. Bless The Weather 4:43
2. Solid Air 6:41
3. May You Never 4:16
4. Outside In 8:02
5. One World 4:01
6. Sunday's Child 6:08
7. Make No Mistake 4:56
8. I'd Rather Be The Devil 8:49
9. So Much In Love 5:26
10. Serendipity 4:11
11. Send Me A Line [sic] 5:34
12. Yes We Can 6:36
13. Carmine 8:00
(John Martyn)
1. Big Muff 6:43
2. Dealer 4:54
3. Smiling Strangers [sic] 4:41
4. Couldn't Love You More 3:07
5. One Day Without You 4:22
6. Cooltide 12:17
7. Sweet Little Mystery 4:05
8. Hole In The Rain 3:54
9. Angeline 5:08
10. The River 4:24
11. The Apprentice 4:14
12. The Moment 3:42
13. Jack The Lad 6:36
14. I Don't Wanna Know 4:26
(John Martyn)

Perhaps if I'd drunk coffee all my life
I'd have been a superstar!

John Martyn

Using a lot of black ink and stock photos, and doing practically no research, they produced this pretentious little booklet of 16 pages. Containing zilch information, as you can check for yourself.

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