VPRO Suite

VPRO Dutch radio
10 Apr 1980

32 minutes.
Solo concert at the Melkweg, Amsterdam.

Track Listing

nr track time comment
01 Big Muff [4:40] Interesting solo take, 'dedicated to Margaret Thatcher'
02 Certain Surprise [3:55] Solo acoustic 'love song'
03 May You Never [4:19] While tuning: 'I have been accused in the past of playing dirty music. This is a very clean chord. You could eat you dinner off that chord.'
04 Rather Be The Devil [4:53] Nice acoustic echoplex. ('I will play a very short burst of electrity. All you've got to do is plug them in and send them away.')
05 Small Hours/ One World/ Small Hours/ Anna/ Small Hours [10:30] (2:23/ 3:25/ 1:29/ 1:41/ 1:32) Very rare at the time. With drum machine: 'This is my drummer!' Heavy fuzz solo
06 Singing In The Rain [3:57] Encore ('Most kind')

Tracks #1-#4 were broadcast one day later on 11 April 1980.