Sigue Sigue Plastic

Tinet Rubira
19 Mar 1991

John apparently participated in the final episode of the Spanish youth magazine Sigue Sigue Plastic.
It was broadcast the 19th March 1991. John plays Send Me One Line with the band from The Apprentice Tour. The track lasts 3 minutes and partly plays during the final credits.
We see a young Spencer Cozens on keyboards, probably Alan Thomson on bass, probably Miles Bould on drums and also a saxophone player.

Paul Weller was on the same show. "Su único compromiso era realizar un playback en el último programa de PLASTIC, en el que también participaba John Martyn, emitido en directo desde Barcelona al día siguiente."

Producer: Gemma Ruiz
Hosts: Daved Bages, Marisol Galdón and Tinet Rubira