Christopher Hanson
1 Jan 1998


Comedy about three leftover hippies.

Taj Mahal did the soundtrack and used John's Over The Hill.

John is in good company:
J.J. Cale, Lowell George and others.

Small time drug dealer Al Dean (Geoffrey Hanson) sells pot to his friends in the small Colorado ski town of Ajax, in hopes of raising enough money to buy a house for himself and his brother, who is in the VA hospital. He will finally be able to afford the house once his shipment of "Nepalese Temple Balls" comes in. When they finally arrive, a pig named Scrapple, which was procured at a pig chase, eats the hash balls and Al finds himself drawn into a big time drug deal in order to purchase the house.

Director: Christopher Hanson
Cast: Geoffrey Hanson, Ryan Massey, Buck Simmonds