Old Grey Whistle Test (6)

10 Jan 1978

56 minutes.
Solo special with audience at Collegiate Theatre London.

Track Listing

nr track time comment
01 May You Never [3:30]  
02 Small Hours [6:29] Solo acoustic echoplex with drum machine. Some scat singing in the middle.
03 Certain Surprise [2:56]  
04 Couldn't Love You More [2:50]  
05 Big Muff [8:39] Credits superimposed halfway through
06 Bless The Weather [5:36] John wishes he could get a light for his spliff. Solo acoustic, good stuff.
07 Outside In [13:33]  
08 Spencer The Rover [4:03]  

Introduction by Bob Harris.
John alternates between acoustic and electric guitar.

The BBC librarian: "In between songs John tells jokes and takes swigs of beer."

This is probaby the only British recording comparable to the Rockpalast tape...
May You Never was rebroadcast 28 May 1985 in the OGWT, in the same show Ian Dury played Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick live.

Most of the show had a rerun after the Johnny Too Bad documentary premiere. It caused this site to go down because people all over the UK frantically started searching who this man was.

Small Hours and Bless The Weather are included in BBC In Vision 1973-1981.