Mountain Stage

National Public Radio
26 Sep 1993

Radio performance for National Public Radio, recorded 26 September 1993 and broadcast two days later.
Rather intimate setting with a (too) polite audience.

There is a one minute intro by the host:

Right now here’s a man whom we’ve had on our get-list for about four or five years now. He doesn't always come to the United States. Originally from Glasgow, lives over in the British Isles; has a new album and boy is it a nice album. It's called No Little Boy - on Mesa records, it is getting a lot of airplay now.
He has done just about everything from traditional folk music to jazz and everything inbetween and some of his admirers and collaborators include Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and Levon Helm who joined him on this new album.
David Gilmour, The Edge... a lot of folks like this man, including us. I think you will, too. Make him welcome, mister John Martyn!

Rebroadcast 28 September 2003. It is unclear where the session took place. Possibly New Castle County, Delaware.

Track listing
nr title time comment
01 The Easy Blues [2:32] Solo acoustic.
Intro: "Good afternoon... This has become something of a ritual with me and I know it's kind of taken coarse in New Castle playing twelve bars, but I always kind of start off with this because it oils my fingers up a bit. The other thing is, being a Scotsman I detest paying other people royalties. And then again the writer is dead, so that kind of cheers me up, you know what I mean..."
02 May You Never [4:09] Solo acoustic
03 Big Muff [6:20] Impeccable. Solo electric.
04 Solid Air [6:30] Great piano solo and a percussionist.
"As you can see I am dressed for the rodeo today... I'm enlisting the help of these gentlemen here, whom you've already heard. Bob1, I'm sorry I've forgotten your name, mate. Hey Bob, there we go, anyway whoever they are. [...] This is a song I wrote for a friend of mine who shovelled off the mortal. But it's not really as sad as it sounds."
Total playing time: 21:36

1 sitenote: Probably Bob Rans, who was involved as a keyboard player on No Little Boy.

Mountain Stage is a two-hour music radio show produced by WV Public Broadcasting and distributed worldwide by National Public Radio (NPR) and the Voice of America's satellite radio service. Hosted by Larry Groce, the program showcases diverse music, from the traditional to modern. It is recorded before a live audience, usually at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, West Virginia, but occasionally travels to other venues elsewhere in the United States and Canada. The show has traveled to New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ashland, Kentucky, Athens, Georgia, Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia, Winnipeg Folk Festival (Canada), Kerrville Folk Festival (Texas) and Disney World.

Created by Andy Ridenour, Larry Groce and Francis Fisher, Mountain Stage originally aired in 1983 and in August 2009 recorded its 700th episode. All three founders continue in their original roles. Each year 26 two-hour episodes are produced.

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