Morning Becomes Eclectic

KCRW Santa Monica (California)
30 Jun 1998

29 minutes
Short band set and interview with Nic Harcourt during Fleadh tour.

Spencer Cozens (keyboards)
Jim Lampi (Chapman stick)
Arran Ahmun (drums).

Track Listing

nr track author(s)/ host time comment/comparison
01 Interview with Nic Harcourt [2:13]  
02 She's A Lover/ Solid Air (J. Martyn) [10:32] Switch after 3:43. Both guitar and plank solo
03 Interview with Nic Harcourt [3:34]  
04 Excuse Me Mister (Ben Harper) [4:38]  
05 Interview with Nic Harcourt [2:17]  
06 Glory Box (G. Barrow/ B. Gibbons/ A. Utley) [4:46] Track eventually released on sampler CD by Mammoth
07 Acknowledgements by Nic Harcourt [1:00]  
Host: Nic Harcourt