Mark Radcliffe Show

BBC Radio 2
2 May 2006

36 minutes.
Three live tracks in the studio with band, interlaced with interview fragments.

Spencer Cozens (keyboards)
Alan Thomson (bass)
Arran Ahmun (drums).

Track Listing

nr track by/ with time comment
01 Introduction with Mark Radcliffe [3:06] 'Monopodally speaking'
02 Cooltide [J. Martyn] [7:28] Awesome guitar solo
03 Interview with Mark Radcliffe [6:00] 'Gateway to the south'
04 Couldn't Love You More [J. Martyn] [5:29] False start forgetting headphones
05 Interview with Mark Radcliffe [3:22] Benevolent name dropping
06 Don't Want To Know/ My Creator [J. Martyn] [9:59] Fine keyboard work
07 Conclusion by Mark Radcliffe [1:21] 'Terrorist alarm'. Never heard of websites.
Host: Mark Radcliffe
Producer: Mark Radcliffe