John Peel's Night Ride (2)

BBC Radio 1
11 Dec 1968

70 minutes; broadcast between midnight and 2 am.
John appears with Harold McNair on flute. Only occurence of Different From The Book.

The recording was made 9 December in Studio 1, 201 Piccadilly, London, and broadcast two days later on 11 December between midnight and 2 AM on the 12th. It was sort of a John show: John Peel, John Lennon, John Martyn and John Renbourn.

The tape was recorded with a microphone before an AM radio speaker. It was probably preserved because of the John Lennon pieces; there was a bootleg CD called John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Night Ride, FLO Records FLO005.

Track listing

nr track artist author(s) time comment
01 Intro: Wednesday Night Ride [0:19] Pete Drummond introducing John Peel.
02 Different From The Book John Martyn & Harold McNair unknown [3:46] Sounds like Tumbler outtake.
03 Chat with John & Yoko [0:39] Two Virgins for sale for 1 day, 700 copies sold...
04 You've Got To Hold On The Deviants [Bishop/ Farren/ Hunter] [3:28] 'Current single' from Disposable. John Peel wrote liner notes for first album Ptooff!
05 Chat [0:24] John Peel.
06 Watch The Stars Jacqui McShee & John Renbourn [traditional] [2:29]  
07 Chat with John & Yoko [0:37] About Two virgins. Lennon: 'Open your head.'
08 Two Virgins (excerpt) John Lennon & Yoko Ono [Lennon/ Ono] [3:41]  
09 Chat with Christopher Logue [0:40] Intro to #10. Poem banned from TV last week.
10 Poem by Christopher Logue [Logue] [5:13] 'He was very good looking.'
11 Jelly Roll Baker Blues [The Easy Blues] John Martyn & Harold McNair (Jelly Roll Morton) [2:38] First ever recording of song. Backslap guitar but not quite usual fingerpicking riffs.
12 Alchemical Wedding [1:52] Plugging of upcoming event in Royal Albert Hall (18 Dec, £ 15,00). John and Yoko appeared on stage only in a bag.
13 Slavonic Dance nr 1 in C Czech Philharmonic Orchestra [Dvorak] [3:38]  
14 Chat with Yoko & John [1:30] New sculpture show.
15 John My Love Yoko Ono [Ono] [2:29] A capella demo (from the bath :o)
16 Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes Jacqui McShee & John Renbourn [Blind Willie Johnson] [1:58] Guitar picking gospel turned to love song.
17 Chat [0:15] Intro to #18.
18 Azerbaijani Music     [2:32] World music from BBC archive.
19 Chat [0:18] Intro to #20; dedication to Duster Bennett who is going to be on TV next Friday (How it is).
20 Wine, Women And Whisky Papa George Lightfoot [Lightfoot] [2:04] Blues, recorded in 1952 and rereleased as single.
21 Chat [0:19]  
22 Why (poem) Christopher Logue [Logue] [0:38] 'Sequel to Kipling's If.'
23 Dusty John Martyn & Harold McNair (J. Martyn) [3:50] Last song of first hour of the program. Tumbler album released same month.
24 Wabash Cannonball Lonnie Donegan [traditional] [0:48] Skiffle track from recently rereleased The Lonnie Donegan Showcase. Lennon remembers first smashed guitar.
25 Chat with John Lennon [2:45] Just back from Rock & roll circus TV session with Rolling Stones. 'Stevie Winwood pulled out.'
26 Every Night When The Sun Goes Down Jacqui McShee & John Renbourn [Hellerman] [2:10] Blues.
27 Chat with Yoko & John [1:20] Announcement of Top Gear next Sunday. Lennon sings 'It's now or never' to fill time.
28 Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush Traffic [Capaldi/ Mason/ Winwood/ Wood] [2:50] Psychedelic waltz.
29 Chat [0:24] Intro to #30.
30 Jock & Yono John Lennon [Lennon] [0:34] Short story of two balloons.
31 Charles John Lennon [Lennon] [1:28] Another short story.
32 Hello Train John Martyn & Harold McNair (J. Martyn) [3:40] Segues into instrumental Woodstock (1970) with flute accompaniment.
33 Chat with Yoko & John [2:13] Poem by Yoko; talk about film #5 (Smile).
34 Sheik Of Araby Spike Jones And His City Slickers [Smith/ Snyder/ Wheeler] [2:23] Slapstick.
35 Song For John: Let's go on flying/ Snow is falling all the time/ Mummy's only looking for her hand in the snow Yoko Ono [Ono] [4:46] Beef your heart out..
36* Fly On Home John Martyn & Harold McNair (J. Martyn) [] These tracks are missing on the surviving tape but perhaps weren't broadcast either.
37* Seven Black Roses John Martyn & Harold McNair (J. Martyn) []
Host: John Peel
Producer: John Muir