Boxed Set

Peter Barber-Fleming
ITV Grampian Television
17 Sep 1998

25 minutes
John does a good job for a small invited studio audience; music interlaced with mini-interviews.

Robert Cunningham was present on the occasion and remembers:
"The show was recorded in the old STV studios in Cowcaddens, Glasgow. They had to re-record the last song for some technical reason. It was a short set, with Carol Laula as warm-up and interviewer. I remember John saying 'I believe the expression is break a leg'."

Spencer Cozens - keyboards
Jim Lampi - chapman stick
Alan Thomson - bass
Arran Ahmun - drums.

nr track time comment
01 She's A Lover/ Solid Air [7:25] Rare recording of this segue
02 Interview Carol Laula mixed with
Excuse Me Mister
About starting a career
Firm short guitar solo

[commercial break]

03 God's Song [3:08] Slightly more rocky than studio version
04 Interview Carol Laula mixed with
About the Church deal
Two great guitar solos
05 Sunshine's Better [3:58] 10 sec. interview towards end. Rare live version...

The show Boxed Set ran for two seasons. A year after the JM episode a 'Best Of Boxed Set' was broadcast with outtakes, including an additional track by John. As yet unidentified.

Host: Carol Laula
Producer/ Director: Peter Barber-Fleming