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Sunday's Child – Island ILPS 9296

6 Apr 1975
Ciao 2001 Vol VII #13
Maria Laura Giulietti

L'Uomo Comune

In «Sunday's Child», l'ottavo album di John Martyn,
si celebrano le aspirazioni dell'uomo comune, di tutti i giorni:
gioia della famiglia, nella tranquillità più piena si raccolgono i frutti di una vita,
nella dolcezza si ritrovano i desideri dell'amore...
un lavoro che fa fare un passo avanti alla buona musica
e lascia arretrare l'abbaglio e il glam. Anteprima.

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Sunday's Child

Sunday's Child - Island ILPS 9296

1 Apr 1975
[Geoff Barton]

John Martyn: imaginative electric guitar

John Martyn: Sunday's Child (Island)

The success of John Martyn's latest album and of his recent U.K. tour have been two of the most hopeful aspects of British rock in the first part of 1975. For years John had been an artist consigned to the obscurism of folk clubs and the modesty of second on the bill of a larger concert. But Martyn has stuck to his task, built a following through graft and a series of fine albums of which Sunday's Child is the latest and, in Britain, most successful.

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Sunday's Child

Sunday's Child - Island ILPS 9296

1 Mar 1975
Zig Zag #50
Andy Childs

For me, the release of a new John Martyn album is always among the most noteworthy events of the year. The development of his music, its conception and execution, seems to be one of the most important and enjoyable trends in British music to emerge in the last five years, during which time he has eroded the somewhat superficial but steadfast barriers that divide folk and rock music, and produced records that have been brilliantly innovative and easily accessible.

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Sunday's Child


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