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Vinyl reissues on Proper

1 Oct 2023
Jim Wirth

A boyish 18 when he left Glasgow, Martyn didn't complete his Jekyll & Hyde switch from blond cherub to snarling, menacing, jazz-folk demon until the early 1970s, but these vinyl reissues of his first four records capture his determined efforts to lose his innocence.

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The Best Of The Island Years

1 Dec 2014
Record Collector #434
Oregano Rathbone

If you were too strapped or scared to commit to last year's Brobdingnagian 18-disc Island Years box set, this comparatively svelte four-disc iteration creams off the most noteworthy alternate takes, epochal live performances and rarities featured on its corpulent parent.

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The Best Of The Island Years

The Island Years [box set]

1 Nov 2013
Record Collector #420
Terry Staunton

It's more than a little ironic that this sumptuous box celebrating Martyn's lengthy tenure at Island should include the first official appearance of the album that brought about the end of his relationship with the company.

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