Solid Air - Island SW 9325

24 Feb 1973
Cash Box

SOLID AIR - John Martyn - Island SW-9325
A 'definitively English' singer/ songwriter does not always have an easy time of it in the States. Some feel that they get into their music so much, there's no coming out of it to see the light of a new frontier. John's still into acoustic guitar and semi-blues vocal styling, but the sound concept behind this LP prevents it from being buried under any sameness whatsoever. Stevie Wonder-ish electric piano from John Bundrick and the tenor sax of Tony Coe are just two of the variegated threads on the John Martyn/ John Wood production loom. Great listening.

Material provided by Rob Jarvis.
This review was published in Cash Box of 24 February 1973. In the same issue the New York Academy of Music concert of 9 February was reviewed.

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