Solid Air - Island SW 9325

8 Mar 1973
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Don Weller
Jensen Looks Like a Big Timer
By Don Weller
Star-Bulletin Writer

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Having just signed with a red-hot label (Philadelphia International Records), local favorite Dick Jensen looks like he's about to land in the Big Time. His new album is out Dick Jensen (KZ317941, and the way it's put together, combined with PIR's fabulous chart-activities (the company is usually able to have between two and six songs on the Top 100 in any given week), Jensen has every reason to be very optimistic.
WAY OVER across the Big Pond in Glasgow, Scotland, John Martyn has managed to gain for himself a strong and faithful following from his songwriting, singing, and guitar-playing feats.

His artwork is unique. Tearing loose with a matchless singing style (his voice has an easy to listen to slur to it, somewhat like Dion's recent vocalizations, but more controlled), he writes magnificent compositions that aren't too commercially attractive but are nevertheless brilliant in both their conception and execution.

Solid Air (Island SW-9325) is the name of both the LP and the title track, and one becomes acquainted with Martyn's type of singing from the very first note.

Nothing unnecessary is put in any of the compositions. Nothing. Everything fits. Every instrument serves some purpose. Every word delivers an integral idea. There's no filler - nothing to jam up or distract the listener from the main thrust of each song.

Of all the tracks though, May You Never is clearly the most beautiful. Its simplicity and lyrical beauty is enormous.

WATCH OUT for Jim Croce. […]

This first review from Hawaii was printed in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin of Thursday, 8 March 1973.

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