In Search Of Anna - Island Festival K 7450

26 Jul 1979
The Age
In Search of Anna / Certain Surprise

EBSEN Storm's Australian film In Search Of Anna, contains two of the most haunting songs you could hope to hear - the title tune, and Certain Surprise, composed and sung by John Martyn.

Martyn wrote them after touring here, and they're characteristic of his soft-slurred, spaced style. Certain Surprise, in which Martyn accompanies himself on guitar, is one of those gentle, fluidly-cadenced winners.

The ache in the voice as Martyn sings In Search Of Anna, is in no way a pain in the neck. With the larger, instrumental backings heightening the haunting quality of the score, In Search Of Anna will echo for quite a while.

Festival has released the songs on an extended-player (Island K7450). Radio stations complaining of not enough quality locally-produced content should pick this one up.


John had ample support down under. This Australian only single was reviewed in The Age of Thursday 26 July 1979.