Piece By Piece - Island ISL 1083

7 Jun 1986
Vancouver Sun
John Mackie
Rock with a message of gloom and doom


Rock/Pop John Mackie

JOHN MARTYN: Piece by Piece (Island/MCA).
If you're at all seduced by the mellow musings of the new soul/ jazzers (Sade, Everything But The Girl, Working Week) and or intelligent folk/ rockers like Richard Thompson, John Martyn might be just up your alley. Martyn has been putting out superb records filled with simmering jazz/ folk for years; maybe his time has finally come. Real relaxing stuff, but real smart, too, and for those enticed by odd voices, Martyn sings like he has cotton in his cheeks.


This Canadian three sentence review was published in The Vancouver Sun of Saturday 7 June 1986.

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