Piece By Piece - Island ILPS 9807

1 May 1986
Musin' Music Magazine #4
Rob O'Dempsey

JOHN MARTYN: "Piece By Piece" (Island)

Ranges from the romantic 'Angeline' to the schizoid 'John Wayne', even venturing into pop with 'Lonely Love' and many will find it hard to believe that this [is] the same JM who was such an innovator in the '70s.

'Serendipity' and 'Nightline' stand out alongside 'Angeline' (which went to No. 1 in the CD charts) 1 and also 'Who Believes In Angels', on which John's voice finally takes on a life of its own -certainly the highest note he's ever sung- it'll soon be demanding its own dressing room.

1 sitenote:
This cannot be confirmed but might have been the case for CD-single charts because there can't have been many other CD-singles around to appear in those listings...

Musin' Music Magazine was published in stencilled form in Stafford. Editor was Rob O'Dempsey.

Photocopies kindly provided by Tim Deeks

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