Dublin, Vicar Street, 14 May 2007

1 Aug 2007
Record Collector #339
James Masterson
John Martyn
Dublin Vicar Street
View: balcony, centre

John Martyn may have to be wheeled on since the removal of the lower part of one leg, but he remains as animated as he ever. His fingers are still incredibly deft and, for the first half of tonight's show, we're treated to modern electric blues like Cooltide and Glorious Fool. The second half is almost exclusively his 1973 album, Solid Air. The Man In The Station and Go Down Easy shine, and his stunning vocals and agile guitar on the exceptional Don't Want To Know and the title track show how skilful Martyn truly is.
James Masterson

This review was published in Record Collector of August 2007.

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