Cooltide - Permanent PERM LP4

5 Sep 1991
The Guardian
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JOHN MARTYN - Cooltide
If you're a fan of John Martyn, then you'll be glad to hear that on the evidence of this latest offering, your man's in fine fettle. If you're not yet familiar with one of the most distinctive voices in music, then Cooltide is the perfect introduction - from the smoky shuffle of Annie Says to the gently insistent chug of Jack The Lad, John Martyn demonstrates on each of the nine tracks that his phrasing, his arrangements and his soundscapes are quite literally inimitable. Yet despite the musical virtuosity and the precise production, Martyn hasn't lost his extraordinary gift for intimacy. Listen to Cooltide, and he's playing just for you.

This looks like an advert disguised as a review, from the Guardian of Thursday 5 September 1991.

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