Well Kept Secret (remastered & expanded)

14 Jul 2014
The Bottom Line

Esoteric indeed

Cherry Red Records released this item through their Esoteric Recordings label.
It contains the original album remastered and expanded with two bonus songs.
The artwork was 'enhanced' which means several promo pictures from the period have been included.
John Hillarby's sleevenotes are nice. The booklet also contains the lyrics.

This is almost an identical release to the 1998 Japanese version of Well Kept Secret. This was also remastered and expanded with two bonus tracks.
However, the version of the Gun Money US remix here is one minute longer than the Japanese one.

Bonus tracks
nr title time comment
01 Gun Money (US remix - long version) 5:00 Taken from the promo 12-inch single released in the USA as Duke Records PR 472 (1982)
02 Hiss On The Tape (live) 3:42 B-side of single released as WEA Records 259987-7 (1982)

John Martyn - vocal, guitar
Jeff Allen - drums
Danny Cummings - percussion
Jim Prime - keyboards
Alan Thomson - bass, guitars
Lee Kosmin - harmony vocals
Steve Lange - harmony vocals
Mel Collins - saxophone
Martin Drover - trumpet
Ronnie Scott - saxophone on Never Let Me Go
Geraint Watkins - accordion
Andy Duncan - drums on Back With A Vengeance and Changes Her Mind
Pete Wingfield - keyboards on Changes Her Mind

"Grateful thanks to: John Hillarby, Mat Smyth at Warner Music UK, Ben Wiseman at the Audio Archiving Company, Paul Robinson, Jon Roberts and Adam Velasco at Cherry Red Records."

Food for lawyers
Original LP sleeve design by Bill Smith
Album photography by Andrew Douglas

This re-mastered edition:
Compiled, researched and co-ordinated by Mark Powell.
Additional project co-ordination by Vicky Powell for Esoteric Arts Ltd.
Remastered from the original master tapes by Paschal Byrne at the Audio Archiving Company, London.
CD package design by Phil Smee at Waldo's Design & Dream Emporium, St. Albans.

All tracks © 1984 Warner music UK Ltd.
This remastered edition © 2014 Cherry Red Records under license from Warner Music UK Ltd.
Esoteric Recordings is a Cherry Red label.

Production: Sandy Roberton
Engineer: Phil Tornalley
Recording: Mike Nocito
Remastering: Paschal Byrne, Audio Archiving Company, London
Artwork: Phil Smee, Waldo's Design & Dream Emporium, St. Albans
CD: Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2445