The Very Best Of John Martyn

7 Apr 1997
The Bottom Line:

Artful produces useless compilation of two almost identical albums.

One fails to see what the logic behind this release was. John was angry about Couldn't Love You More to start with. In most cases though, the No Little Boy versions were preferred.

Some copies were mispressed with two versions of Ways To Cry, Solid Air and Fine Lines, omitting Over The Hill, Angeline and Never Let Me Go. One of the versions of Ways To Cry (mispressed track #8) has a different vocal from the versions of Couldn't Love You More and No Little Boy. Phil Collins has been dropped from the mix entirely.


nr track time from
01 Lonely Love 4:01 Couldn't Love You More
02 Couldn't Love You More 3:50
03 Sweet Little Mystery 4:14 No Little Boy
04 Head And Heart 4:03
05 Could've Been Me 4:20
06 Over The Hill 3:05 Couldn't Love You More
07 Fine Lines 4:19 No Little Boy
08 May You Never 3:34 Couldn't Love You More
09 One World 8:33 No Little Boy
10 Ways To Cry 5:05
11 Angeline 5:18 Couldn't Love You More
12 Man In The Station 4:07 No Little Boy
13 Solid Air 6:43
14 Never Let Me Go 3:23 Couldn't Love You More
15 Don't Want To Know 4:29 No Little Boy
16 Bless The Weather 4:43

(Attribution of songs courtesy Bob Hudson.)

CD: Artful CD4