Transatlantic Sessions 2 (DVD)

Various Artists
26 Sep 2011
The Bottom Line:

About as much fun as you can cram into one room

"7 programmes | 26 Artists | 48 tracks"
Rare stuff releases thirteen years after the fact; the second series, in full - seven TV shows, on one DVD.
This stuff was circulating in home recordings over the internet but has now been officially released. This was not originally possible due to contractual problems, which have now been overcome.
The shows were recorded August 1998 and broadcast October and November 1998 on BBC Scotland.


Paul Brady - vocals | guitar | mandolin
Ronan Browne - whistles
Rosanne Cash - vocals | guitar
Radney Foster - vocals | guitar
Janes Grant - vocals
Nanci Griffith - vocals | guitar
Boo Hewerdine - guitar
Fiona Kennedy - vocals
John Leventhal - guitar
Ishbel MacAskill - vocals
Iain MacDonald - pipes
John Martyn - vocals | guitar
Karen Matheson - vocals
Maura o'Connell - vocals
Eddi Reader - vocals | guitar
Sharon Shannon - accordion
Donald Shaw - accordion | keyboards
Ricky Skaggs - vocals | guitar
Sharon White - vocals

Transatlantic House Band
Aly Bain - fiddle
Jerry Douglas - dobro | lap steel guitar
Michael Doucet - vocals | fiddle
Russ Barenberg - guitar | mandolin
Breda Smyth - fiddle | whistles
Danny Thompson - bass
Tommy Hayes - percussion

Title listings
01 The Blue Train (comp. Jennifer Kimball / Tom Kimmel) MAURA O’CONNELL with James Grant & Nanci Griffith
02 A Simple Life | incorporating a traditional reel (comp. Max McAnally | trad. arr. Bain) RICKY SKAGGS
03 Piobaireachd Dhòmhnaill Dhuibh (trad. arr. Aly Bain) ISHBEL MACASKILL with Iain MacDonald
04 He's Got All The Whiskey (comp. B. Charles) JOHN MARTYN with Eddi Reader
05 Magic Foot (comp. Russ Barenberg) SHARON SHANNON with Russ Barenberg
06 Boots Of Spanish Leather (comp. Bob Dylan) NANCI GRIFFITH
07 Eunice Two-Step (trad. source A. Ardoin / arr. Beausoleil) MICHAEL DOUCET with Sharon Shannon
01 Waiting For The Federals (trad. arr. Aly Bain) ALY BAIN
02 Who Knows Where The Time Goes (comp. Sandy Denny) NANCI GRIFFITH with Karen Matheson, James Grant & Maura O'Connell
03 Violet Tulloch | Queen Of Lerwick (comp. Phil Cunningham) ALY BAIN with Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg & Donald Shaw
04 The World Is What You Make It (comp. Paul Brady) PAUL BRADY with Karen Matheson & Fiona Kennedy
05 Evangeline (comp. James Grant) JAMES GRANT with Karen Matheson & Maura McConnell
06 Jolie Blonde (trad. arr. Doucet) MICHAEL DOUCET
07 Talk About Suffering (incorporating a traditional reel) (adopted and arranged by Ricky Skaggs | trad. arr. Bain) RICKY SKAGGS with Aly Bain
01 Trouble In The Fields (comp. Nanci Griffith) MAURA O’CONNELL with Nanci Griffith
02 Bachelor's Walk | The Congress (comp. Breda Smyth | trad. arr. Smyth) BREDA SMYTH
03 Footsteps Fall (comp. Boo Hewerdine / Bjergfeldt) EDDI READER with Boo Hewerdine
04 Bonaparte's Retreat (trad. arr. Bain) ALY BAIN
05 Seven Year Ache (comp. Rosanne Cash) ROSANNE CASH
06 Excuse Me Mister (comp. Ben Harper) JOHN MARTYN
07 There's Always Sunday (comp. James Grant) KAREN MATHESON with James Grant
01 Hummingbird (comp. Boo Hewerdine) EDDI READER with Boo Hewerdine
02 Road To Aberdeen (comp. Nanci Griffith) NANCI GRIFFITH
03 Urban Air (comp. Ronan Browne) RONAN BROWNE
04 Storms Are On The Ocean (comp. A.P. Carter) SHARON WHITE with Ricky Skaggs
05 La Danse De La Vie (comp. Michael Doucet) MICHAEL DOUCET with Sharon Shannon
06 Ae Fond Kiss (Robert Burns) KAREN MATHESON with Paul Brady
07 God Knows When (Rodney Foster) RADNEY FOSTER
01 Nach Truagh Leat Mi Stún Eirinn (trad. arr. Kennedy) FIONA KENNEDY with Karen Matheson
02 Western Lift | Glass Of Beer | Unnamed Reel (trad. arr. Shannon) SHARON SHANNON
03 Cure For Life (comp. James Grant) JAMES GRANT
04 Marriage Made In Hollywood (comp. Paul Brady / Michael O'Keeve) PAUL BRADY with Karen Matheson
05 A Tribute To Paedar O'Donnell | Takarasaka (comp. Dónal Lunny | comp. Jerry Douglas) JERRY DOUGLAS
06 God Speed (comp. Radney Foster) RADNEY FOSTER
01 Forty Shades Of Green (comp. Johnny Cash) ROSANNE CASH
02 Passing The Bar (comp. Jerry Douglas) JERRY DOUGLAS
03 My Father's Son (comp. Ricky Skaggs / George M. Green) RICKY SKAGGS
04 Les Veuves De La Coulée (Widows Of The Creek) (trad. arr. Barenberg) RUSS BARENBERG
05 Always Will (comp. Nanci Griffith) NANCI GRIFFITH with Ricky Skaggs & Sharon White
06 Nobody Wins (comp. Radney Foster / Kim Richey) RADNEY FOSTER with Eddi Reader
01 Return To The Brandywine (comp. Russ Barenberg) RUSS BARENBERG
02 September When It Comes (comp. Rosanne Cash / John Leventhal) ROSANNE CASH with John Leventhal
03 'Sanseptique' Set: Domhnall Dubh An Domhnallaich | Thoir A Nall Ailean Thugam | Sanseptique (trad. arr. Hayes / Kennedy | trad. arr. Hayes / Kennedy | comp. Tommy Hayes) TOMMY HAYES with FIONA KENNEDY & KAREN MATHESON
04 Down By The Sally Gardens (trad. / lyrics W.B. Yeats / arr. O'Connell) MAURA O'CONNELL with Karen Matheson
05 The Mansion On The Hill (comp. Hank Williams) SHARON WHITE with Ricky Skaggs
06 Solid Air (comp. John Martyn) JOHN MARTYN with Danny Thompson
07 'Puert A Beul' Set: O Mhisg A'Chuir A Nollaig Oirnn | Cape Breton Port A Beul | Ann MacKeachnie's Favourite | Bealach A'Chara (trad. arr. MacDonald) IAIN MACDONALD

Running time: 210 mins.
Original retail price £ 18.40.

Production credits
Director of photography: Mark Littlewood
Camera: Martin Singleton | Oliver Cheesman | Andrew Ford
Sound supervisor: Phil Croal
Sound mixer: Brian McNeill
Dubbing mixer: Bronek Korda
Production manager: Heather McDonald
Film editor: Fiona MacDonald
Stills photography: Ken Mellin
DVD project co-ordination: Whirlie Records
Authoring: Peter Haigh @ Pier House Studios, 2011
Digital encoding: Meedja Ltd
Packaging design: Mike Garden @ Birnam CD.

Producer: Douglas Eadie
Director: Mike Alexander
Artwork: Mike Garden Birnam CD
DVD: Whirlie Records WHIRLIEDVD05