Sweet Little Mysteries: The Island Anthology

6 Jun 1994
The Bottom Line:

Nice collection from the Island records except the first four, with booklet.

In Australia this compilation is also known as The Definitive John Martyn.
CMP management originally announced the set as being titled Chronicles - The Best Of John Martyn.

In 1994 Mojo's Nick Coleman wrote:
"John Martyn shrugs off Sweet Little Mysteries, Island's 16-year 2-CD tale of an extreme talent on the ramble: 'Hrrrrmmmmph. Well, I'm glad they didn't wait till I was dead to do it. I know it's a compliment but I don't want to hear it!' "

Compilation: Bill Levenson, Trevor Wyatt
Mastering: Joseph M. Palmaccio
Package design: Mike Weinberg
Cover photography: Guido Harari
Other photographs: Adrian Boot, Mike Caldwell, Brian Cooke, Anton Corbijn, Robert Ellis, Guido Harari, John Modin
2CD: Island Chronicles CRNCD 4/ 522 245-2
2CD: Island 314-522-245-2