The Simmer Dim

9 Jun 2008
The Bottom Line:

Another restored live tape.

Live at the Garrison Theatre, Lerwick, 12 August 1980.

"The islands were fog bound that day, and we expected the gig to be cancelled, but somehow, John turned up with guitar, minus band, and played a wonderful set." (David Blakesley).

May 2005, fellow Dutchman and musician Robert van Wely turned up at my house with a recording of a long ago JM concert at the Garrison Theatre, Lerwick. The gig was amusing and the sound quite enjoyable and after changing the running order of the tracks and some light editing, I uploaded a bittorrent which was appreciated by many. Voiceprint Records decided to turn the material into a commercial release. So three years later I got my own recording back with a decent sleeve and some sympathetic liner notes. But no credits. Of course.

Track listing

Album tracks
nr track time comment
01 Over The Hill 4:40 'I never play requests unless I'm asked.'
02 Spencer The Rover 4:51 'This is a song about a criminal.'
03 One World 4:19 Audience supplies the heartbeat!
04 Anna 4:02 Glued to One World.
05 One Day Without You 4:42
06 The Easy Blues 6:00
07 Couldn't Love You More 4:34
08 Big Muff 8:51 'Sorry about the noise. I pulled the lead out in the excitement.'
09 Certain Surprise 2:45 Audience participation by a baby!
10 Dealer 7:52 Starts off in the wrong tuning.
11 Seven Black Roses 3:14
12 Outside In 18:59
13 May You Never 4:23
Cover photo: Hadi Fooladi - Iran
Artwork: Jon Price @ kadu ink
CD: One World OW137CD