Sapphire [remastered & expanded]

26 Jan 2015
The Bottom Line

Interesting and well documented release in the so-called RePresents series

Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas
Engineers Andy Lyden & Steven Stanley, Assisted by Benji Armbrister, Kendal Stubbs & Frankie Gibson and Ca Va Sound Workshops, Glasgow
Engineer Brian Young

'This reissue is respectfully dedicated to Beverley, Mhairi, Spenser and Teresa'

CD 2 track table
nr track time comment
1 Sapphire 4:49 Andy Lyden mix
2 Over The Rainbow 3:47 Andy Lyden mix
3 You Know 4:31 Andy Lyden mix
4 Watching Her Eyes 4:08 Andy Lyden mix
5 Fisherman's Dream 4:34 Andy Lyden mix
6 Acid Rain 4:06 Andy Lyden mix
7 Mad Dog Days 5:22 Andy Lyden mix
8 Climb The Walls 5:17 Andy Lyden mix
9 Coming In On Time 4:06 Andy Lyden mix
10 Rope-Soul'd 4:50 Andy Lyden mix
11 Love In Your Life 3:27 unreleased
12 Fisherman's Dream (choir version) 4:37 Straight Choir version by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra Chorus
13 Mad Dog Days 5:31 Live in Hamburg, Germany, 1986
14 Fisherman's Dream 5:10 Live in Hamburg, Germany, 1986
15 Over The Rainbow 4:26 Live in Hamburg, Germany, 1986

The live tracks were recorded at the Fabrik, Hamburg on the 23rd April 1986 and come from a 100 minute FM radio broadcast. They feature Foster Paterson (keyboards) , Alan Thomson (bass) and Arran Ahmun (drums, percussion) and were produced by Klaus Wellershaus.

Full credits
Produced by John Martyn
Mixed at the Fallout Shelter, London by Harvey Goldberg, except Disc One track 1 and Disc Two tracks 1-11 mixed by Andy Lyden
Assistant mixer Stephen Street
Choral Section: Royal Scottish National Orchestra Chorus
Recording Arranged by Dave Murricane
Disc Two: tracks 13-15 Live In Hamburg, Germany, 1986. Produced by Klaus Wellershaus
Live recordings licensed from Studio Hamburg-Germany
An extra special thank you to Robert Palmer without whose help this album may never have been made
Cover illustration by Cathie Felstead
Photography by Anton Corbijn

Researched, compiled and sleeve notes John Hillarby
Project co-ordination for Universal by Joe Black at Hey Joe!
Design by Phil Smee at Waldo's Design & Dream Emporium, St Albans
Mastering by Paschal Byrne and Ben Wiseman at The Audio Archiving Company, London
Mixing by Jared Hawkes at Universal Mastering, London
Memorabilia and original LP sleeve courtesy of John Hillarby
Clearances by Emine Rifat
A&R by Liam Donoghue
Marketing by Sue Armstrong
John Hillarby would like to thank Ian Barnett, Cathie Felstead, Pete Grant, Andy Lyden, Matt 2T's, Ian Munday, Vicky Murray, Dave Murricane, Alan Thomson, Colin Tully, Paul Wheeler and Brian Young
Hey Joe! would like to thank: Carolyn Agger, Sue Black, Justin Brown, John Chadwick, Johnny Chandler, Kathryn Gilfeather, Simon Gurney, Ivar Hamilton, Amanda Harcourt, Mick Houghton, The Judester, Nicola Kennedy, Peter Matthews, Grant McKean, David Ward MacLean, Claire Morris, Tasha Pert, Kevin Phelan, Sam Router, Pat Sergo, John Scott, Claire Shomade, Greg Snowdon, David Stiff, Craig Thompson, Pete Thompson, Jon Turner, Allen Ward and Birte Zywko.

2CD: Island 471 040-3