Right Side Up

Ralph McTell
1 Jan 1976
The Bottom Line:

Some modest echoplex on one song only. Also contains May You Never cover.

Recorded at Air Studios, London, by Pete Henderson and Mike Stavrou.

On the cover, track #5 is called 'River Rising'.
May You Never is a rather straightforward cover, with no participation of John.

In 1982 the album was rereleased under the title Weather The Storm on the Mays label (May being McTells original surname).

Ralph McTell, acoustic guitars and vocals;
Dave Pegg/ Rod Clements, bass guitar;
Danny Thompson, acoustic bass;
John Stevens/ Pick Withers, drums & percussion;
Graham Preskitt/ Peter Swettenham, keyboards;
Sammy Mitchell, dobro;
Tony Rivers/ John Perry/ Ken Gold, backing vocals;
John Martyn, 'electric weather' on track #5.

Mold numbers:
K 56296 A1 and K 56296 B1.

Track Listing:

nr track author(s) time
01 San Diego Serenade (Waites) 2:45
02 Naomi (McTell) 3:07
03 Tequila Sunset (McTell) 3:22
04 Weather The Storm (McTell) 4:01
05 River Risin' Moon High (McTell) 3:57
06 From Clare To Here (McTell) 4:13
07 Chairman And The Little Man (McTell) 2:09
08 Country Boys (McTell) 2:32
09 Slow Burning Companion (McTell) 3:28
10 Nightmares (McTell) 2:55
11 May You Never (Martyn) 3:25
Production: Peter Swettenham, Ralph McTell
Engineers: Pete Henderson, Mike Stavrou
Vinyl: Warner K 56296
Vinyl: Mays Records TG 002 (1982)
CD: Leola TPGCD19 (2001)