No Little Boy [expanded]

23 Jul 1993
The Bottom Line:

Obscure release from Permanent trying to profit from the epinomous US release. The good thing is it contains three bonus tracks.

New versions of old songs; same basic material as Couldn't Love You More, but in a slightly different mix. John wasn't satisfied with the tapes of Couldn't Love You More and reworked them with Jim Tullio. This version (Mesa) is the one they prefer as being the 'best balanced' recording of No Little Boy. Later on Voiceprint released this longer version, also as part of a 2CD sampler.

Three extra tracks make this release more interesting than the usual Permanent/ Artful stuff: a great version of Pascanel, a unique recording of Rock, Salt & Nails and a barely recognizable alternative mix of Hole In The Rain.
They were produced by Jim Tulio.

John announced in Dirty Linen that Bonnie Raitt was to be involved in the project but apparently this plan failed.
Phil Collins told The Guardian (15 November, 2002) that No Little Boy is one of his favourite albums: "It's difficult to play songs with only two or three chords as you rely entirely on the atmosphere you create within them, but he manages it. He's totally unique, and he makes an almost lazy sound while knowing exactly what is needed."

All songs mixed by Paul Lani, except Sweet Little Mystery by Gus Mossler and Jim Tullio. Mixed at Chicago Recording Company, mastered by Steve Hall at Futuredisc Systems, Hollywood.

Track times

nr track time
01 Solid Air 6:43
02 Ways To Cry 5:05
03 Could've Been Me 4:20
04 Don't Want To Know 4:29
05 Just Now 4:07
06 One Day Without You 3:55
07 Sweet Little Mystery 4:14
08 Pascanel 4:28
09 Sunday's Child 6:12
10 Head And Heart 4:03
11 Fine Lines 4:19
12 Bless The Weather 4:43
13 Man In The Station 4:07
14 One World 8:33
15 Rock, Salt And Nails 5:00
16 Hole In The Rain 4:06
Production: Jim Tullio, Matt Butler
Engineers: Matt Butler, Geoff Foster, Lachlan Mitchell, Greg Sangster (London), Guss Mossler, Jim Tullio, Stefon Taylor, Doug McBride (Chicago), Paul Lani, Marc Moreau (Los Angeles)
Art direction, design: Michelle Laurençot
Photography: Anton Corbijn (1978)