The New York Session

20 Nov 2000
The Bottom Line:

Radio show from bad cassette tape, deleted by now.

Recorded in the (tiny) WFUV [Fordham University] radio studio [on Monday 15 June 1998].

Four songs interlaced with interview fragments recorded during the Fleadh tour.

Line up Spencer Cozens (keyboards), Jim Lampi (Chapman stick), Arran Ahmun (drums).

"Special thanks to Joe Hennessy."

The interviews have become known as the Pigeonhole tapes. The recording has been made from a cassette tape, and although Voiceprint have removed hiss some digital artefacts and wow are clearly audible. John is giving the presenter a hard time and sounds rather drunk, though he is still witty.

Manager Joe Hennessy claims John was in fact not drunk, which raises the question what was going on then and what new listeners are supposed to think of this recording. Apparently on second thought the release was considered not a good idea as Voiceprint deleted the title March 2002 (thus probably causing the price to go up again).

Track details:

nr track author(s) time
01 Pre-broadcast & introduction [by] [John Platt] 3:04
02 Excuse Me Mister (Ben Harper) 5:29
03 Interview [with] [John Platt] 4:29
04 She's A Lover/ Solid Air (J. Martyn) 9:15
05 Interview [with] [John Platt] 5:54
06 Couldn't Love You More (start) (J. Martyn) 3:12
07 Couldn't Love You More (finish) (J. Martyn) 1:37
08 Interview conclusion [by] [John Platt] 2:24
Production: [Joe Hennessy]
Engineer: Jimmy O'Hara (radio)
Host: John Platt
Design, photography: Steve Lee, Zeit Design
CD: One World OW113CD