The Man Upstairs

11 Sep 2007
The Bottom Line:

Rockpalast tape finally available.

In concert in Germany 1978.
The DVD actually contains more material than the VHS tape made from the original Rockpalast broadcast. I'd Rather Be The Devil was found on the original mastertapes and serves as a bonus after 30 years.

The release carries an 8-page full colour booklet with sleevenotes by John Hillarby. The inner sleeve features the lyrics to Big Muff. Quite nice are John's introductions to songs that are reprinted on the back page of the booklet.

Produced by WDR
Licensed from Studio Hamburg Distribution & Marketing Gmbh
Courtesy of Joe Sweetinburgh at

"This disc is in 0 format so will play anywhere in the world."
And so it should... This is an essential JM recording.

Artwork: John Price @ Kadu Ink
DVD: Voiceprint VPDVD34