Lost And Rare

29 Apr 2004
The Bottom Line:

Obscure 1993 live guest performance in New York.

On "A collection of recordings that go all the way back to the very first days of the band."

This download only album originally cost $ 12.99.

John sings lead vocals on Man In The Station (6:37) and produces the following intro:
"This is a song which the poor devils have mistakingly learned - I can only thell them it will wear off, you know."

Track listing:

nr title author(s) comment
01 James (C. Elkins) Original demo
02 Join The Boys (Armatrading)  
03 Biggest Fan - Live   Never recorded in the studio
04 Everybody Else - Live (C. Elkins)  
05 I Wanna Buy You A Ring (C. Elkins) Original demo
06 I Can't Turn Around (C. Elkins) Original demo
07 Delusion (C. Elkins) Alternate mix
08 Yes Man   Original demo
09 Everybody Else (C. Elkins) Original demo
10 Caroline - Live   Never recorded in the studio
11 Man In The Station (J. Martyn) 'LIVE with John Martyn'. Rocky
12 One Key Life - Live   Never recorded in the studio
13 Days Of Wine & Roses (H. Mancini/ J. Mercer) Live at the World Cafe
14 Everybody Else (C. Elkins) James Brown Mix

Known for quirky, abstract, and eccentric songs, Philadelphia alternative rockers Huffamoose have enjoyed a small but enthusiastic cult following since the early '90s. The uncompromising band was formed in 1992 when singer Craig Elkins joined forces with guitarist Kevin Hanson, bassist Jim Stager, and drummer Erik Johnson (who was replaced by Chuck Treece in the late '90s). They released three albums without commercial success.

Man In The Station was recorded autumn or winter 1993. Dean Sciarra was their manager and producer and record label owner in those days and it was due to his forward thinking that the band joined John Martyn for a gig in Philadelphia at The Tin Angel in 1993. There they recorded Man In The Station. Dean:

"What happened was that I (a forever fan of John's) heard that he was coming to Philadelphia and I talked the booking agent into allowing Huffamoose to open for John -knowing all along that I would have the band learn a few of John's tunes and then offer to jam at the end of his set. John selected "Last Train Home" [Man In The Station HB] and off they went into a very crowd pleasing rendition that impressed John so much that he invited the band to tour with him as his opening act and as his backup band. This did happen spring 1994 and was reasonably successful.
To my knowledge there are no other recordings of the band and John together - too bad!"

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