Live In Milan 1979

27 May 2002
The Bottom Line:

Another 'restored live recording' from Italy this time.

(Collectors Series Vol 4)

Double CD with two bonus tracks.

The concert took place 14 May 1979 at Teatro Di Porta Romana, Milano, Italy.

Bonus track Rather Be The Devil is from 1977 and is played rather fast. It compensates for the same song from Milan which is cut off at 1'51".
Small Hours is glued together with Stay and Anna and was recorded Turin, on 17 May 1979. Notice the RASTA! heckler at 1'39".
A similar person sings "Stronzo...", 5'41" into Solid Air (stronzo being one of the worst Italian insults, meaning tiny little piece of shit).

"Thanks to Keith Boden and Ian Barnett for their help with the bonus songs."

"Special thanks to Tim Dickeson for the photographs.'

First and only recording of Stay. This song was written in 1953 by Maurice Williams and became a classic single. Upon its release in 1960 on Al Silver's Herald label, it became a number 1 hit for Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs and has been a popular favorite for decades since, revived in 1987 with its prominent use in the movie Dirty Dancing.

Co-ordination for CD: Rob Ayling
Design: Mark Wilkinson
Photography: Tim Dickeson
2CD: One World OW117CD