Live At The Hanging Lamp | Richmond 8th May 1972 [vinyl]

23 Sep 2013
The Bottom Line:

Heavy vinyl release of old tape, also included in the Island Years box set.

Good registration of intimate gig. Well restored recording but of course the limitations of the source material are audible.

"With special thanks to Graham Hinde for having the foresight in obtaining, preserving for 40 years, and allowing the tape to be used for this special project."

"Please note: Due to the source nature of this recording you may experience a slight deterioration in the sound quality towards the end of Side 2. Every effort was made to clean up the recording but what we are left with after 40 years on a dusty shelf is some very light print-through on the tape. We hope that this does not impair your listening experience."

Track details
Side 1
nr title time comment
01 The Easy Blues 5:22 Tad slower than usual.
02 Bless The Weather 5:23 'It's about the weather.' 'It's about the weather in your head as well.'
03 May You Never 6:11 'Number with a chicks chord.'
04 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 1:02 'I stole this tune.'
05 Back To Stay 4:29 Glued to previous tune.
06 Head And Heart 5:30 'A love song for my woman.'
Side 2
01 Singin' In The Rain 4:06 Lots of scat singing.
02 Sugar Lump 2:13 Electric gear hooked up. John's mic not yet.
03 I'd Rather Be The Devil (Devil Got My Woman) 8:28 And we're off... Same goes for John's mic though.
04 Outside In 10:46 'It's just a big long dirty bit with a poem in the middle.'1
05 The Glory Of Love 1:57 Back to the acoustic.

1 sitenote:
John's intro to Outside In is interesting:
"This is going to be the last one. It's kind of a longish one though... And er… it's just a poem. John Coltrane used it, used to sing. Someone else has used it in a song somewhere, Richie Havens used it in a song somewhere… And it's just a big long dirty bit with a poem in the middle."

The Richie Havens song must be Inside Of Him, which first appeared on the 1968 album Something Else Again.

Oh I have learned that the birds fly and the fish swim and babies crawl and man walks.
Inside of Him.
Oh I have learned that thoughts cry and that ears stain and the marketplace is a place of names.
Inside of Him.
He who is sitting quietly outside yet residing in the place where his body is.
He knows what his mind is a part of, like he knows what you really can't begin to hide.
Oh I have learned that day is night and that sun is moon and the river's fall is our humming tune.
Inside of Him.
Oh I have learned that inside of me is outside of you and outside of me is inside of you.
Inside of Him.
Inside of Him.

Mold numbers
BD24299-01 A1 HL and BD24299-01 B1 HL

Compiled by John Hillarby
Project co-ordination Joe Black (Hey Joe!)
Edited by Jared Hawkes (Universal Mastering, London)
Mastered by Paschal Byrne (The Audio Archive, London)
Designed by Phil Smee (Waldo's Design & Dream Emporium)
Island ILPS 10001