Live In Dublin (with Danny Thompson)

28 Feb 2005
The Bottom Line:

Unofficial release of a Irish broadcast with good atmosphere.

"Recorded in Dublin 26/08/1987 Featuring Danny Thompson on bass" -at least that is what the credits say. In fact the recording took place June 1986, see below.
Produced in association with Frontier Films and MCD Concerts.
Copyright RTE 1987.
"Jam DVD/ Artful"

The series Live In Dublin consisted of eight live concert programmes shot between 1986 and 1990. They featured a wide range of contemporary musicians in performance in the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin.

John claims this is their first concert in Ireland:
"Believe it or not, despite the fact that Danny and I have played together for about ten years, we never actually visited your wonderful country. So here we are."

Artful's involvement is demonstrated by various misspellings: 'Bless This Weather' on the cover, 'One Day Without', 'Bless This Weather' and 'Our World' in the track menu.

And now for the official production credits:

Make-up: John Havelin
VTR: Vincent McNally
Vison mixer: Elizabeth Plunkett
Floor manager: Tom Flanagan
Electrical supervisor: Jackie Wade
Rigging supervisor: Brendan Blake
Vision supervisor: Owen Mooney
Unit manager: Andy McKiernan
Production assistant: Eilis Boland
VTR editor: Fred Dowdall
Cameras: Bill Cadwell, Fergal Costello
Sound: Jack Peoples
Lighting directors: Denis Smyth, Liam Ward
Design: Michael Grogan
Produced & directed by Declan Lowney
©RTE 1987.

John Beare claims that the recording was in fact made one year earlier:

"The Irish recording of the DVD released in 2005 was recorded in June 1986 if this is actually the RTE recording. I was at this gig and one of the support acts was Andy White (who was dreadful!). I had tickets for the October 16th 1987 gig at the stadium but couldn't go (my grandmother had passed away the day before, so that's why it sticks in my memory) so I am 99.997% certain that the recording was in 1986.
I also checked with my old school friend in Australia who I was at the '86 concert with, and he left Ireland early October '87, so its now 99.9999997% that the date was 1986."

Track description

nr track time comment
  Introduction [0:34]  
01 One Day Without You [4:34]  
02 Solid Air [6:43] "This is a song I wrote for a man called Nick Drake, who had a little trouble in his nut - lovely man though."
03 Sweet Little Mystery [5:06] With the red Fender. "Songs of misery and romance."
04 Bless The Weather [7:06] To audience about Danny:
"I like my son, you're OK over there, Baldy?
- O they gave him a microphone, oh noo..."
05 Make No Mistake [3:59]  
--- end of part one --- total time 28:02
06 Dealer [5:43] "We're not finished yet..."
07 Outside In [4:10] "So that was the hard stuff in the middle.."
08 Spencer The Rover [4:35]  
09 May You Never [4:23]  
10 One World [7:19] With the red Fender.
--- end of part two --- total time 26:54
Production: Declan Lowney
Director: Declan Lowney
DVD: Fullfill PBZ11 (55 minutes)