John Martyn | Purely Music

16 Jan 1992
The Bottom Line:

Rare German show from 1986 released on an even rarer medium.

The (excellent) recording was originally made for and broadcasted by German television, Südwestfunk, in the Ohne Filter series ('Musik Pur'). Line-up: Foster Paterson, Arran Ahmun, Alan Thomson. It has been broadcast in the UK also on a commercial station. Easy Blues is called "Jelly Roll" on the credits.

One sided disc - extended play (CLV). NTSC laserdisc with digital stereo sound.
Disc manufactured in Japan, jackets printed in USA. Disc originally came in a so-called elephant's condom, a thin plastic inner sleeve.

Also released under title DISCO'D with same catalogue number.

November 2006 Voiceprint made a DVD combination of this show called Empty Ceiling. The first 1.000 copies also had a CD included.

Laserdiscs were invented in 1971, introduced in 1977 and hit the market in the early eighties. The last laserdiscs were to be printed around 2000. These were CD's with the size of a 12 inch vinyl record that combined CD (digital) sound and technology with analog picture signal (PAL for Europe, NTSC for US and Asia). They were a stepping stone from VHS tape to the now common DVD and did little in Europe but in Japan and the US laserdiscs were more common. Yet they never became a mass medium, possibly because inventor Pioneer refused to admit porn content.

There are two kinds: CAV (one image per turn, Constant Angular Velocity, or the more CD-like format of Constant Linear Velocity (CLV, extended play). Four sound channels were available offering different options. Both disc sides could me made playable (actually they glued two discs together). Many movies still had to be delivered on three sides so two discs. US pressings often suffer from laser rot as a result of the wrong glue. About 12.000 titles were published in total, one of which is the -rather rare- John Martyn item.

The Purely Music Concert Series also featured David Sanborn, John Mayall, Jose Feliciano, Johnny Copeland, Tania Maria, Richie Havens, Osibisa, Koko Taylor, James Taylor, Rory Block, Bruce Cockburn, Shakatack, The Crusaders, Solomon Burke, Kenny G and Airto & Flore Purim.

Program content: copyright 1986 Telepool E.F. GmbH, Germany
Artwork: copyright 1991 VPI
LD: Image Entertainment ID 7908 VP (44 minutes)