John The Baptist | The Ocean

John and Beverley Martyn
15 Jan 1970
The Bottom Line:

The very first single and mono, too.

Levon Helm plays drums on this pink label rarity. According to Chas Keep this first single sank without a trace.

The original sleeve was a generic one.
But a picture sleeve has also been spotted. This carries a different catalogue number and it also has a label without the Witchseason logo. Discogs claims this was a Dutch release but it might just as well have been printed in Norway, Denmark or France.

Mold numbers:
wipx 1057 //1 and wipx 1058/2.
Apparently there was some confusion as on both sides the orginal numbers have been striken out in order to be switched. They prove that either the original order was reversed or some employee made a mistake.

Production: Joe Boyd
Engineer: John Wood
Vinyl 7": Island WIP 6076 (Mono)
Vinyl 7": Island 6014 006