Head and Heart | The Acoustic John Martyn (2CD)

28 Apr 2017

The Bottom Line:

Well-delivered package of often rare acoustic material.

CD 1 track table
nr track time provenance
1 Fairy Tale Lullaby 2:50 London Conversation
2 London Conversation 2:42 London Conversation
3 Don't Think Twice It's Alright 4:11 London Conversation
4 She Moved Through The Fair 2:35 London Conversation (remastered & expanded)
5 Goin' Down To Memphis (demo version) 2:59 unreleased
6 A Day At The Sea (demo version) 2:29 unreleased
7 Seven Black Roses (demo version) 4:02 unreleased
8 Woodstock 1:45 Stormbringer!
9 John The Baptist (alternate version) 2:51 Stormbringer! (remastered & expanded)
10 Traffic-Light Lady (alternate version) 3:03 Stormbringer! (remastered & expanded)
11 Parcels 3:23 The Road To Ruin
12 New Day 3:59 The Road To Ruin
13 Tree Green 3:12 The Road To Ruin
14 Go Easy 4:15 Bless The Weather
15 Bless The Weather [live] 4:26 unreleased, live OGWT 18 Jan 1972
16 Head And Heart 4:54 Bless The Weather
17 Singin' In The Rain (alternate version) 3:39 The Island Years
18 In The Evening 4:04 Ain't No Saint | recorded 12 Feb 1972
CD 2 track table
nr track time provenance
1 The Glory Of Love 2:14 Ain't No Saint | recorded 11 Sep 1972
2 Solid Air 5:45 Solid Air
3 Over The Hill (alternate take) 3:28 Solid Air Deluxe Edition (2CD)
4 May You Never (live) 3:39 Solid Air Deluxe Edition (2CD)
5 Go Down Easy (alternate take) 5:11 The Island Years
6 When It's Dark (demo version) 8:36 Solid Air Deluxe Edition (2CD)
7 Fine Lines 3:47 Inside Out
8 Ways To Cry 3:01 Inside Out
9 Beverley/ Make No Mistake [live] 5:25 In Session | BBC Bob Harris Show 15 Oct 1973
10 One Day Without You [live] 3:42 In Session | BBC John Peel Show 13 Jan 1975
11 Lay It All Down 1:47 Sunday's Child
12 My Baby Girl [live] 3:05 In Session | BBC John Peel Show 13 Jan 1975
13 All For The Love Of You 5:05 Ain't No Saint | recorded Nov 1976
14 Working It Out 2:45 Ain't No Saint | recorded Nov 1976
15 Spencer The Rover [live] 3:57 In Session | BBC John Peel Show 13 Jan 1975
16 Certain Surprise/ Couldn't Love You More [live] 5:42 In Session | BBC John Peel Show 4 Feb 1977
17 Patterns In The Rain [live] 3:18 The Island Years | Alright Now [video] | Island Birthday Party, 4 Jul 1987

Full credits
Compilation and tape research by Joe Black
Project co-ordination for Universal by Joe Black at Hey Joe!
Sleeve notes by Mick Houghton
Front cover illustration and artwork by Phil Smee at Waldo's Design and Dream Emporium
Mastering by Paschal Byrne at The Audio Archiving Company, London
Clearances by Darren Hedges
A&R by Chris Sparrow

This release is respectfully dedicated to Beverley, Mhairi, Spencer and Teresa

Hey Joe! would like to thank: Carolyn Agger, Andrew Allday, Sue Black, Volker Bredebusch, Justin Brown, John Chadwick, Johnny Chandler, Rosie Danks, Kevin Gibbard, Simon Gurney, Ivar Hamilton, Sam Heaphy, Mick Houghton, The Judester, Peach Kazen, Nigel Lees, Peter Matthews, Grant McKean, David Ward MacLean, Tasha Pert, Greg Snowdon, Mark Strafford, David Suff, Craig Thompson and Pete Thompson.

Compilation and tape research: Joe Black
Mastering: Paschal Byrne
Artwork: Phil Smee
2CD: Island 573 622-2