Jim Lampi
21 Mar 2002
The Bottom Line:

Improvised singing on solo record by the plank man.

Recorded London September 2001 - February 2002.

"Mastered Jim Lampi & Zeus B Held at KGBeat studios, London, 20:02, 20.02, 2002."

This is an independent release, sold by Jim Lampi personally ('Gila' of course being short for Jim Lampi). He wrote all of the following songs:

nr title time comment
01 Surf & Turf 5:04 Nice Hammond
02 Coyote 6:02 Latin touch
03 Peggy 5:38 Words fail
04 Bacon 6:09 Slow blues
05 Coffee Break 3:45  
06 Simpático 5:00 Latin touch 2
07 Ernest 4:43 Almost certain Ernest Ranglin, inventor of ska
08 Old Ivory 6:05 Lazy
09 Jack's 3:55 Track with the bells
10 Vanishing Point II 3:55 Slow
11 Still Free 5:38 Shon Shings WiShim..

Line-up of the Martyn tracks:
John Martyn - 'stream of consciousness',
Spencer Cozens - keyboards,
Arran Ahmun - drums,
Jim Lampi - Chapman stick, vocals.

Still Free:
John Martyn - vocals,
Chris Wells - percussion drums,
Jim Lampi - Chapman stick, vocals, wind synth.

The musicians are:
Arran Ahmun - drums (tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 10) (Ahmun is spelled 'Amun' on the cover)
Spencer Cozens - keyboards (tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10)
Marie Claire DuBaldo - vocals (tracks 1, 6)
John Martyn - vocals (tracks 2, 11)
Doug Melbourne - Hammond B3 (track 1)
Chris Wells - percussion, drums (tracks 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11)
Jim Lampi - Chapman stick, vocals, sax, wind synth.

"Special thanks: A big special thanks to John, Arran, Spence, Chris, Marie Claire, Zeus, Rie, Doug, darlin Sharon, Tony, Christian and everyone at the Kashmir Klub, Bernard and staff at Rose Morris, Bill for the skillet, the boys from Vegas for the 'Greazy', and everyone else I brought into this project."

June 2002, Jim told Andy Long from Global Bass Online when being asked about John Martyn:

"I've been performing on and off with John since about 1996. We are perhaps going to be touring in June [2002 1]. So while talking to him about that last summer, I caught him with his defences down, asked him if I could get him to sing a little on the CD. Told him that Spen and Arran were already on it just to tempt him. He said it sounded like fun. Before he knew it I was on his doorstep with my little recorder. I told him to sing whatever he wanted. On 'Peggy' at first I told him to sing like Coltrane which made him laugh. But I wanted a tenor, bari quality."

1 This summer tour was cancelled due to an infected foot.

Production: Jim Lampi & Zeus B Held
Engineers: Jim Lampi & Zeus B Held
CD: Gila 2002031