Deny This Love (CDS)

1 Aug 1990
The Bottom Line:

As the extra track proves: the remix is better than the original.

One of the rare occasions where a remix proves to be better than the original. The remix of Deny This Love does not have the 'Sweet Jesus' intro. It also features a guitar solo by Robert Fife. He used to support John on a few tour dates and was a member of Ruby Blue.

The Apprentice live track is not the same as on the Live album, but was recorded in the Shaw Theatre in London between 27 March and 7 April 1990.

The third track is the regular album version of Deny This Love.

'Special thanks to JLP Management, Chaz Keep, Anthony Coote, Toby Alington & The Shaw Theatre.'

Production: Tony Phillips, Peter Watts
Remix: Tony Phillips
Artwork: Aiden Hughes
CDS: Permanent CD PERM 1