Couldn't Love You More [vinyl]

1 Aug 1992
The Bottom Line:

Ten tracks only release of album that had no support from John anyway.

Entirely new versions of old songs, often revisited after twenty years.

Recorded at the Wool Hall, A.I.R. Studios (London) and the Astoria (London). Mixed by Matt Butler at A.I.R., mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Release of this album happened without John's consent. The sleeve can easily pose as the ugliest one in John's entire catalogue. The vinyl pressing is not of the greatest quality, either.

Mold numbers:
PERMLP 9 A -03-1-1 and PERMLP 9 B -02-1-1 (stamped), white label black print.

Production: Matt Butler
Engineers: Matt Butler, Geoff Foster, Lachlan Mitchell, Greg Sangster
Cover art, layout and design: Steven D. Schwachter
Vinyl: Permanent PERM LP9