The Apprentice (remastered & expanded)

23 Jul 2007
The Bottom Line:

Voiceprint follows Island in trendy business.

Original album with five remastered bonus tracks. The Deny This single has been added and also three Apprentice songs that were recorded for the Live album from 1995.

The release contains an 8 page booklet with sleevenotes by John Hillarby.

Sound has become a bit sharp in the remastering process and also the famous JM bass sound has not improved, I'm afraid.

Track listing

Album tracks
nr track time comment
01 Live On Love 4:30
02 The River 4:03
03 Loot At The Girl 4:35
04 Income Town 4:27
05 Send Me One Line 5:36
06 Deny This Love 4:16
07 Hold Me 4:51
08 Upo 3:50
09 The Apprentice 4:29
10 The Moment 3:46
11 Patterns In The Rain 3:45
Bonus tracks
12 Deny This Love (remix) 3:53 Single version; remix without 'Sweet Jesus' intro.
13 The Apprentice (live) 4:50 Flipside of Deny This Love single.
14 The River (live) 4:49 Recorded during Apprentice Tour, 31 March 1990, at the Shaw Theatre, London; first released on Live (1995).
15 Send Me One Line (live) 5:47
16 Look At The Girl (live) 5:29
Mastering: Dallas Simpson
Artwork: Jon Price @ kadu ink
Photographs: Bob Edge
CD: One World OW130CD