The Apprentice

1 Mar 1990
The Bottom Line:

Some ballads, some rock songs on first and well produced album on new record label. Too little guitar, too much keyboard bursts.

'Special thanks to Annie - for her patience, Kenny McDonald for his invaluable assistance, and Eda for putting the album together.'
Recorded at Cava Sound studios, Glasgow.

The album was first rejected by Island, hence three tracks (5, 6 and 9) had a live premiere on Foundations three years earlier. All songs but The Moment were already completed February 28 1988.

There was no room for The Moment on the vinyl release.

By the end of 1991, The Apprentice sold 35,000 copies in the UK, John claimed in International Musician.

Production: John Martyn, Brian Young
Engineers: Brian Young, Gavin McComb
Art design: Andy Larwood
Photography: Ken Sharp
Vinyl: Permanent PERM LP1
Vinyl: Hypertension HYLP 200 110 (Germany)
Vinyl: BMG Ariola ARIS 831 541 (Germany)
Vinyl: DRO 4D-0778 (Spain)
CD: Permanent PERM CD1
CD: One World OW104CD (1 June 2001)
CD: Indelible Records INDELCD1 (US)
CD: Sony CSCS 5214 (Japan)