27 Sep 2004
The Bottom Line:

Umptieth useless rehash of Voiceprint and Artful material.

"This compilation published 2004 Recording Arts SA."
"Licensed from Eagle Rock Entertainment plc."
"Dejavu Retro Gold Collection is a registered trademark of Recording Arts SA."

The CD box contains a booklet with a few interview quotes, but all the tracks are uncredited. Stuff from No Little Boy, Couldn't Love You More, The Apprentice, Cooltide, Live, Live At Leeds but also Another World and And Live.

Rereleased 26 February 2007 on the Primo label ("The Primo Collection 2CD set) with same stock picture in black colors. 'Made in The Czech Republic - licensed with kind permission from Zeit Distribution Ltd'. This one also features sleevenotes.

2CD: Retro R2CD 42-95
2CD: Primo PRMCD2009 (2007)